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PT. Foamtech Indonesia Abadi

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PT. Foamtech Indonesia Abadi
PT. Foamtech Indonesia Abadi
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Name:Mr. Koentoro Sh [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:085697212227
Phone Number:021-70773494
Address:Sentra Niaga III No.9 Bekasi
Jakarta, Jakarta
foamteckindonesiaabadi@ yahoo.co.id
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Registration Date:Nov. 11, 2011
Last Updated:Nov. 13, 2011
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Construction & Real Estate category

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PT. Foamtech Indonesia Abadi is Sole Distributor Exsculsive for product
Aluminum foam . , The Foamtech is leading of Factory aluminum foam
with various type as like, aluminum, foam, foam board, aluminum material, supplier of aluminum, aluminum boats, aluminum scrap, aluminum extruders, aluminum composite, table of periodic, aluminum alloy, aluminum foil, aluminum prices, anti api, kedap suara, bhan peredam, ruang kedap suara, bahan peredam suara, peredam suara ruangan, dinding kedap suara, bahan peredam, anti peluru, anti bom, anti bomb, insulation materials, noise control, sound control, sound proof, insulations, rockwool, bahan tahan api, daur ulang, recycle, recycling, recycleable, produk ramah lingkungan, green building, green architecture, green product, acoustic panel, acoustical, home house design, modern house design, exterior design, home and house design, in house design, hall design, architect, room design, building design, sport hall design, interiors designers, subway, subway sandwich, metro subway, rel, noise reduction, power plants, nuclear reactor design, nuclear plants, nuclear power plant, nuklir, yacht design, yacht interior, design kapal, pembuatan kapal, pt pal, design jembatan, auditorium design, auditorium, ceiling, ceiling material, building material, wall panels, building supplies, pool design, swimming pool design, cooling tower design, cooling, cooling system, shipyard, ship design, shipbuilding, engine room, ventilasi, tunnel, terowongan, bunker design, material bangunan, bahan material bangunan, ...etc

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